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Doka Textil DOO was established in 2009 by Mr. Toni Pandev, the current manager. At the time, even with only 30 machines and 50 employees, the company successfully operated in the field of production of womenswear knitwear, both for the domestic and for the foreign market. After years of facing with variety of problems such are the global economic crisis and establishing permanent and consistent placement of the products, due to the hard work and persistence of the managerial team and the devoted employees, our company managed to surpass all of the above mentioned and to survive on the competitive market.

Later, Doka Textil concentrated its work exclusively to the Lohn System (the buyer supplies all the necessary materials to the producer, who only provides the labour and the workplace, after which the buyer re-imports the finished merchandise) in cooperation with the current partner DMISS from Greece. This joint cooperation results with successful and on-time delivery of all orders arriving from the German, English and Greek markets. Throughout the years, Doka Textil DOO invested immensly in upgrading its capacities. Some of the largest and most lucrative investments are the three new factories which fulfill all required European standards set for the Textil industry. They are located in the industrial area Rabrovo (municipality Valandovo), in very close proximity to Bulgaria and Greece, and what’s even more, the airport and the Thessalonnikki port are only 90 km away.

Nowadays, Doka Textil is a large company with more than 300 employess and fully equiped chain of work with daily production of 7.000 – 10.000 pcs of clothes. All of this is due to the excellent and devoted managerial team leaded by Mr. Toni Pandev, as well as the diligence of all employees and the cooperation with the Government of Republic of Macedonia whose goal is to unconditionally provide help in order to enlarge our capacities.

Due to its proven experience, Doka Textil it’s ready now and in the future to face all challenges that may arise on behalf of the possible foreign partners and therefore, our company is open for cooperation with all major, medium and small companies from the Textil bussiness all around Europe.

Doka Textil


Doka - Textil DOO

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  • Valandovo, RM
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